Small-Dollar Loans

Some loan needs are smaller than others. When you need smaller than usual financing, our Small Dollar loan is available to you. Skip the payday lender or pawn shop loans and save big with our low-interest rates.

Need a Little Cash?

We are ready to help provide you with a little bit of cash when you need it most. Avoid payday lenders or title lenders with a Resource One Small Dollar loan. A fixed-rate and no hassle.

Here’s How It Works.

Like a personal loan, funds are given when the loan starts and is paid off over the loan term. The Small Dollar loan is a great loan alternative for anyone looking to borrow less than $1,100.

Why look for money somewhere else when we can help you with some fast cash? The Small Dollar loan gives you access to a small personal loan that will cover your expenses without relying on payday lenders who can charge borrowers, on average, over 300% APR.


This loan can be used for any smaller purchases you might be needing to make such as:

  • Travel
  • Holiday funds
  • Home Appliances
  • Small Home Improvements
  • Covering monthly expenses
  • Hospital/medical expenses
  • And more

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