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Here are just a few of the good things members have to say about us.

James, who is 5 (almost 6) has been working hard saving up his spare change and other earnings such as $0.50 here or there for helping with chores and also getting a few dollars here and there with his school report cards and school performance.
Very quickly he amassed over $25 and wanted to go buy something of his own. I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to teach my son about saving and banking. I made him a deal. Any money he saves up and puts into his savings account, I will match equally and give him that money so that he can spend it on whatever he wants.
We gathered up his saved funds and headed off to the local branch of my credit union.
The credit union employees were extremely kind and even appeared thrilled to have him coming in and creating an account. There wasn’t any regret or conflict with him giving the credit union his hard earned money. They even showed him how to write down his deposits so he can keep track of how much he has in his account.
We left the credit union and stopped by a small pawn-shop on our way home. Out front was this beautiful blue bicycle in near mint condition that came with a helmet and training wheels.
Instantly he was in love so I looked at the bike and noticed the price tag: $30. We talked about what it meant to negotiate a price and how to best go about it.
We went into the pawn shop and spoke to the person behind the counter. He offered him $25 for the bike and the pawn owner agreed. The man took James’ money and handed him a receipt.
“Daddy, I’ve never had anything of my own before. But this bike is ALL MINE!” He rode up and down the sidewalk for hours. Practicing and getting better every minute.
If ever in this world there existed a little boy which had earned so much self-pride and learned the value of earning his own money and using it to purchase something worthwhile that he wanted, this was it.

- Russell H. “First Quarter Testimonial Winner”
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I had never been to a credit union before. I thought you had to work for their company to be a member there. The people were so warm and inviting. They were cheerful, welcoming and very helpful. I was fully educated about the differences in banks and credit unions. There were no fees to open my account, free checks, and the icing on the cake, I got my new debit card on the spot.
That was one of the reasons I kept putting off getting a new bank. I did not want to wait for a new debit card to come in the mail. My old bank had so many fees, rules and the list goes on and on. It was a nightmare after a while. Not only did I get my debit card the same day, it says “my life, my money”. I love it!!!! That is exactly how I feel. I could kick myself for waiting so long to experience a credit union. I was educated on the type of loans I can get for my new home I am planning on purchasing, options for a new car loan as well as credit cards. It was not a high pressure scene. I just wanted to take the time out and give a shout out to the staff at Resource One!!!

- September H. “Second Quarter Testimonial Winner”
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I can’t believe how your representative helped me out. I joined R1CU because I work in the building where one of the branches is located. Shortly after joining, I got a call about the loan special you were running. I called the rep back, not sure if he could help or not, but the results were amazing. I had just purchased a car – had not even made the 1st payment yet. I was able to get my car refinanced, reducing my monthly payments and the term of my payments. I was in total shock. So, I referred a friend and she was able to get a great deal also. I must confess, as my preferred lender, bank and, finance company, R1CU has me as a customer for life. I am now in the process of closing all my other accounts and banking strictly with R1CU. Thanks and keep up the good work.

- Lynette G. “Third Quarter Testimonial Winner”

I became a member of Resource One in 2007. It was the best financial decision I have ever made. I get the services of a large bank with the personal service of a small hometown bank. The tellers at the branch I most often visit, One Arts, always remember my name. The online banking representatives are always willing to help and every problem I have ever had has been resolved. I especially love that my ATM fees are refunded as I live out of the DFW area and there are no Resource One’s out here. When any of my friends complain about their banks, I always suggest they try Resource One! I’m a very happy customer!

- Stephen W.

This bank allowed me to not only open an account without hassle, but helped me plan my future and options. Resource One offered a no-pressure program customized to my specific needs and gave me absolutely NO hassles. This bank is with me everywhere I go, I can use any ATM without fees, get free e-statements, even go out of state and I’ll still have coverage. The service is top notch, staff recognized me by name (!) on only my second visit, and they drop whatever they are doing to assist.

- Ryan K.

I have been a member of Resource One Credit Union for approx. 25-30 years and they have been wonderful to work with anytime I have dealt with them. They are efficient, quick, and always very kind when I have requested financing through them. I would highly recommend Resource One to anyone eligible to use them. They “do what they say they will and they smile over the phone while doing it.”

- Diana G.

I cannot express how much I love Resource One and I am so grateful for the help I have received from this amazing credit union ever since my first time using R1CU. I have been telling everybody they should really consider switching to them. I will only use and trust Resource One with all of my financial needs from my simple money transactions to my home and auto loans. My girlfriend has started using R1CU and can’t believe how easy they make everything… WE LOVE RESOURCE ONE AND WILL ALWAYS USE THEM FROM NOW ON!!!!!

- Kris M.