Open the Best Credit Union Savings Account Today

Open the Best Credit Union Savings Account Today!

If you’re like most people, your go-to bank account is your checking account. For both personal and business purposes, a checking account is a versatile option. It provides an easy way to store and save money while still giving you constant access to it—whether via deposits, checks, or debit cards. As your checking account accumulates more and more money, it makes sense to start looking at moving some of the funds in your personal or business checking account into a separate savings account. At Resource One Credit Union, we have ideal savings account solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

How Much Money Should You Keep in Your Checking Account?

Experts say individuals should keep 1-2 months’ worth of regular living expenses in your checking account, plus a little extra. The recommendation is similar for businesses, just swap operational expenses in for living expenses.

If you have more than this amount in your checking account, it’s not going to hurt you. There isn’t a penalty for having too much money in a checking account. However, it’s also not going to help you. Checking accounts are typically not interest-bearing accounts, which means your money isn’t making you any extra money if it’s just sitting in a checking account. You can accumulate wealth a lot more quickly if you place excess cash into an account that can earn your interest over time. 

If you’re ready to start thinking about savings at that level, then the time has come to open a savings account.

Why Choose Resource One for Your Savings Account

At Resource One, we would be honored to help you start working toward your savings goals. We offer a variety of savings account solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Of course, R1CU is not the only bank to offer savings accounts. A savings account is one of the underlying financial services that virtually every financial institution will offer in some form. However, we do bring a few benefits and advantages to the table that you might not find everywhere.

First, let’s start with the benefits of choosing a credit union business account or personal account. Credit unions such as R1CU are ideal spots to have your accounts because they are member-owned and customer-centric. Most banks prioritize stockholder interests above customer interests. In a credit union environment, the members are the owners and stockholders. When you join our Dallas credit union, you take on a share of ownership in Resource One—and all the benefits and privileges that entails. Among those advantages are superior interest rates and dividends earned on balances.

At Resource One Credit Union in particular, we have also taken steps to make our savings accounts as easy-to-use as possible. For instance, if you have a specific savings goal in mind, we can work with you to customize the ideal savings account structure to help you meet that goal. Take our Summer Savings & Holiday Club Account, which is designed specifically for customers saving up for summer or holiday vacation trips. We can also help you find the ideal way to save up for college, for the down payment on a house, for a new vehicle, and more.

Are you interested in taking advantage of the benefits that Resource One and our personal and business savings accounts have to offer? Click here to learn more about the different types of accounts that are available, or contact us to get started with your membership application and savings account structure.

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