The Best Merchant Services Are Served at Resource One Credit Union

The Best Merchant Services Are Served at Resource One Credit Union

For businesses of any size, the ability to accept and process payments in a variety of ways is essential for success and ultimately, growth. In a world where carrying cash is rarer, and most people have an array of credit or debit cards that allow them to pay with a quick swipe, the option to accept electronic payments is essential. However, for many small business owners, opening a merchant services account represents challenges in its own right — how can you navigate the world of different card issuers, processing fees, and more?

With Resource One Credit Union, not only can you find the answer to that question, you’ll find one that represents one of the best options around for business owners like you. Through our partnership with a leading merchant services processor, BancCard® Merchant Services, we’ve developed a robust program perfect for adding this essential service to your company. Find out more about why you should partner with our Dallas credit union to empower your business. 

Why Partner with Resource One Credit Union for a Merchant Services Account?

Working with a credit union has benefits of its own. As a non-profit organization, delivering reliable services and serving the needs of our customers takes priority over making money. To that end, we work to produce value and benefits for those who bank with us — and our wholly local nature allows us to provide a better and more responsive experience. Additionally, we can support business owners through our other services, which include commercial loans and more. 

When it comes specifically to our merchant services, our business partners have the opportunity to enjoy several advantages that make enhancing your payment processing abilities a winning investment. We’re able to provide:

*Affordable, competitive rates that don’t hamstring your business. You shouldn’t lose a significant portion of your revenue to processing fees, especially not in a world where fewer people pay in cash. 

*Multiple options for payment types and terminals. Ensure that you can accept a range of cards, from Visa and MasterCard to more specialized issuers such as American Express and Diners Club and support your existing or future POS systems.  

*Robust web-based reporting tools to equip you with important data. Never feel like you’re lost in the dark about important revenue data and more. Our online tools make it simple to augment your accounting with in-depth information. 

*A dedicated support team that’s always available. When systems go down, or you have questions and concerns, why wait for help? Take advantage of friendly assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

*Risk monitoring and security support. Processing payments means protecting consumer data — and that protection is more critical than ever in a digital world with its dangers. We ensure you’re always kept up to date on any of the potential risks facing your business. 

Explore Options for Growth with the Best Merchant Services for a Small Business

When all your POS systems can quickly process credit and debit payments at a moment’s notice and without a troubling impact on your business expenditures, every day can translate into a more profitable venture. At Resource One Credit Union, we’re proud to support our members and business partners with a range of services that are all characterized by our commitment to your success. To explore in detail how we can arrange for setup and integration of these critical merchant services for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us, or stop by one of our locations for a friendly chat.

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