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National Credit Union Youth Month 2023

CUNA’s Youth Month is an annual celebration held every April, dedicated to promoting financial literacy and savings habits among young people. This year’s theme, “Unleash the Power of Saving,” emphasizes that you and your credit union are part of a support system that can help kids understand the importance of saving and developing good financial habits.

In today’s world, financial literacy is more important than ever, and CUNA’s Youth Month provides an excellent opportunity to teach children and young adults about saving, budgeting, and managing their finances. With the right guidance, young people can learn how to build wealth and achieve their goals, setting themselves up for a lifetime of financial stability and success.

Resource One Credit Union celebrates Youth Month by offering a range of educational resources designed to promote financial literacy and savings habits among young people available on our YouTube channel and Podcast. Additionally, R1CU Youth Accounts are designed to encourage young people to participate in savings challenges and offer incentives and rewards for those who successfully complete them. By engaging and educating young people about personal finance, Resource One Credit Union is helping to build a more financially literate and stable future for the next generation.

Overall, CUNA’s Youth Month 2023 is a valuable opportunity to inspire and educate the next generation of savers. By promoting financial literacy and savings habits among young people, we can help to build a more financially stable and prosperous future for all. So let’s all take this opportunity to teach our children and young adults about personal finance and encourage them to start building their own savings stories.

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