Best Small Business Loans for 2019

Best SBA Loans for 2019 | Resource One Credit Union

Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but it comes with many challenges that you must successfully address as well. Of those challenges, the financial aspect of your operations can be the one that often concerns you the most. Securing consistent funding can be difficult when you’re still getting started or when you encounter bumps along the road to stability and facing shortfalls can prove stressful. Having a reliable option to turn to when you wish to take advantage of small business loans to bridge these gaps or to create new opportunities is invaluable.

At Resource One Credit Union, a non-profit, member-owned financial institution, we are proud to support our local business community with a range of commercial loan products ideally suited to meet your company’s specific demands. By empowering our neighbors to do more with their business, we hope to help bolster local economies and contribute to the growth of new employment opportunities. How can we help when you’re wondering “Could my company get a loan from credit unions near me?”

Preparing Your Business for Every Financial Situation

With a business juggling its many different needs daily, the need for a cash infusion can arise in any number of places. Not every loan is appropriate for every situation, and we understand that there is no “one size fits all” option for supplying business loans. To that end, we’ve developed a variety of loan products that we can quickly adapt to meet your specific requirements, not only regarding the amount of funding you need but also the terms and conditions attached to those loans. With clarity and up-front transparency, planning your company’s financial future is far simpler. Some of the loans we can furnish include:

  • Inventory Purchase Loans. Need to stock up for a big upcoming event or prepare your business for a sale? Keep necessary operating capital free without inhibiting your ability to strive for greater results. Use one of these shorter-term loans to help finance the purchase of any additional inventory you need right away without taking on unnecessary burdens. 
  • Equipment Purchase Loans. Whether your operations are expanding or you’re just starting up, plenty of commercial equipment comes with a hefty price tag that can make spooling up your operations more challenging than necessary. Resource One Credit Union can provide you with a competitive commercial loan to finance this vital equipment over a longer term. 
  • Loans for Investment Property. Make your money work for you with an investment in real estate, one of the most stable vehicles for long term growth. When you’re a property investor looking to add something new to your portfolio, come and pay a visit to a Resource One loan officer. We’ll help you identify the right commercial property loan terms for maximizing the value of your investment. 
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans. From mobile service trade workers such as plumbers and electricians to businesses handling deliveries and more, the right vehicles for the job are essential. Like any other vehicle, though, they can represent a substantial outlay. Spread the financial burden out over time without compromising your ability to do the job. Let us get your staff behind the wheel sooner rather than later. 
  • Commercial Real Estate. Every business needs a place to grow — and sometimes that growth means your original space doesn’t fit the bill anymore. Avoid the hassle and runaround of dealing with the big banks as you try to win approval for a loan to purchase the real estate your company requires for the next stage in its evolution. We can also provide more effortless assistance with refinancing or even provide you with the funds necessary to add on to your current space. 
  • General Commercial Loans. Need to bridge gaps in your revenue as you wait for clients to settle their invoices or an easier way to make payroll this quarter? For all other purposes, Resource One provides general loans and lines of credits that come with no prepayment penalties and have a wide range of potential uses. 

With loans to suit practically every scenario in which your business may need some extra capital, Resource One Credit Union is perfectly positioned to be a reliable partner for your endeavors. 

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Working with a Credit Union for a Business Loan
When you can relieve financial pressures on your business and open the door to new acquisitions that enable your strategies for growth, finding the way forward to more significant successes is less complicated. The Resource One team dedicates itself to providing a high degree of responsiveness and care in our customer service, and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have about securing a loan. Whether you’re ready to purchase new equipment to support an expansion or you’d like more information about how to qualify for SBA loans, find out how to contact us today to learn more.

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