Share Secured

Protect your savings and build your credit with our Share Secure loan. When you need to make a large purchase, don’t dip into your savings. Instead, use the funds in your account as collateral for a low rate loan to use however you need while leaving your savings untouched.

Secure Your Loan with Savings

Building your savings is hard. Why spend your emergency money when you can use it as collateral for a quick loan? Share Secure loans use the funds you already have to back the loan you need.

Here’s How It Works

With a Share Secured Loan, you borrow against your saved funds and receive a low-rate loan, while still earning interest.

Account funds are used as collateral for the loan, freezing them so that they are temporally inaccessible until the loan is paid off. During this time, any interest typically accrued on funds will continue to post to the account.

Once the loan is paid off, funds will be released back to the account and made available to you.

Take advantage of this loan and you can:

  • Make large purchases while keeping your savings intact
  • Receive a low fixed rate
  • Build credit and payment history
  • Increase savings with account interest


Share Secure loans can be used for anything you might need, such as personal purchases or debt consolidation. Some ideas might include paying for:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Large appliances
  • Furniture
  • Minor home improvement

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