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New Year Resolutions Solutions

Each year, many people set a New Year’s resolution to better themselves in some way. Many goals revolve around working out more, losing weight, traveling, eating better, and more. Starting off, these goals seem simple and easy but eventually become inconvenient, causing many to abandon their goals early on.

Convenience is a big key to successfully achieving your goals. And the big thing about convenience, it can be costly. Here are some examples of how to make your goals more convenient for you.


When you are overwhelmed and short on time, the time it takes to get to the gym, work out, and get back to normal daily responsibilities can be a huge deterrent. A home gym or online work out classes can help a lot! You can quickly work out and return to your other tasks.

Eating Better

Eating better is hard for many people. Many fast food places do not offer healthy choices, and making three healthy meals and snacks daily can take time and effort. You always have the option to meal prep at the start of the week for quick meal options. Additionally, you can find many pre-made and portioned meals that are delivered to your home each week.


If you don’t find transportation to your destination inconvenient, you might find the bill constraining. Traveling, even nearby, can be expensive, and saving for the vacation can be time-consuming. Make sure to be well-prepared ahead of time and set a budget for your travel to avoid overspending.

With the goals above, along with many others, the solution to making them more convenient is cash. Don’t give up if you find yourself losing steam on your goals. Try out a Personal Loan with R1CU. With a Personal Loan, you can begin buying the equipment you need for a personal gym, order meal prep supplies, and even travel! We also have many options, such as a Fast Cash Loan, Credit Cards, Small Dollar Loans, and more.

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