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Sprucing up your home doesn’t always involve contractors and huge time-consuming projects. Pools, decks, and other home improvement projects can sometimes be handled by the homeowner depending on their skills, but if you are a DIY novice, there are many projects you can do yourself with some help from the internet.

Front Door 

Update the color of your front door with a fresh coat of paint. This can be done quickly and can bring a completely new feel to the front of your home. Bright-colored doors are trendy, and a fun color pop can bring some life to the exterior of your home.

Accent Wall 

Adding an accent wall can be as detailed as you want it to be. Add a splash of paint or wallpaper in no time, or dedicate your weekend to a more intricate design. This project is super flexible and can be modified based on your comfort level. This is a great project to give a room a little flare without overwhelming the space with all-over color.

Doorknob and Hardware Update 

Gold hardware and doorknobs might not be your style, especially since bronze is so appealing. For the most part, all you need is the supplies and the tools to replace them (probably a simple screwdriver). But when you start to add up how many doorknobs need replacing and how much hardware you have throughout the house, maybe replacing everything is not an option.

Luckily, there are a ton of ways to spray-paint these items to change their color. Just be sure to do the research and buy the correct items so you do not accidentally ruin your project.

Decorate Outside 

You can easily add some personality to your yard with a few personal touches. Add some outdoor furniture, string lights, solar path lighting, a fire pit, or even a TV/movie screen to create the perfect backyard hangout spot.


A ton of small things can be done in the kitchen to change the entire look and feel. For example, repainting the cabinets or adding some under lighting can be done easily but could become a project that takes a few days to complete.

Backsplash can be done easily with peel and stick options, or it can be more involved depending on how often you plan on changing it and how long you want this change to last.

Increase Storage Space 

Bookshelves, wall shelves, hall trees, and other storage options are a great way to make space while decorating your home. Many of these items can be bought online or in-store and easily put together at home. As a bonus, they typically include the hardware and tools needed in the box.

Securing items to walls requires a little more detail and tools. Research your project, make sure you have what’s needed for your project, and know how to do the task accurately.

Custom items or securing items can always be done by a professional if you are unsure of your ability to do so safely.

Ceiling and Flooring 

On the topic of aging trends, popcorn ceilings, laminate flooring, and more can make your house look dated. Removing the popcorn ceiling or laying flooring can be a more involved project, but with a few how-to videos, it could be simpler than you think. You might even have a friend who has done this before and could be willing to guide you through it.

If you do find yourself in over your head, a professional is always one call away to access the project and provide you with a quote.

Security Cameras 

In the past, security cameras installation was a huge task. Nowadays, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and overall simplification, security camera installation can take a few hours, depending on what you get. Many of them also send notifications and videos directly to your phone.

As always, do your research before buying. The website of the cameras you are buying will typically have videos online with how to install, connect, and use the product.

Smart Home 

Like security cameras, it can be super simple to make your home a smart home. Installing a new thermostat, lightbulbs, door locks, alarms, and more can be done same-day with the help of some installation videos. Some sellers even boast that their smart home accessories are designed for the normal person to install in under an hour.

Covering Costs

Some home improvement DIYs can be as cheap as they are easy. But others can take a chunk out of your savings. So for those times you want to spruce up your home but keep your savings intact, we have some loan options to help.

Small Dollar Loan

For smaller amounts than traditional loans, a Small Dollar Loan can assist in paying for more modest projects.

Small Dollar Loan

Personal Loan

As always, a Personal Loan can be used for whatever you need. That means you can pay for your supplies, tools, and more!

Personal Loan

Home Improvement Personal Loan

Have the cash in your account to pay the contractor when you are ready.


Home Equity Cash-Out Refinance

A cash-out mortgage allows you to refinance your home and take out your equity simultaneously.

Mortgage Refi

Home Improvement Personal Loan
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