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Blog | Holiday $$$ Solutions

Are you last minute preparing for the holidays again? Don’t let your spending affect your future financial situation. See how R1CU can help you for this year’s holiday season and the next.

Fast Cash Loan

Now, a Fast Cash loan can help with this year’s spending and next year’s in one go. The way this loan works is by giving you $1,000 when the loan is booked and another $1,000 when the loan is paid off.

Personal Loan

A Personal loan is a great loan solution if you maybe need more than $1,000. This loan type can be used to cover bills, gifts, travel, and anything else you might need.


If you have a loan, or maybe even a few, you might be able to use a Skip-a-Payment to free up some cash. By using the Skip-a-Payment, you push a full month’s payment back so all that money you would have used towards your loan now can be used to meet other needs.

Savings Builder Loan

It might be too late this year to use the Savings Builder loan, but it’s a good opportunity to start saving for next year’s expenses. This loan gives the owner a commitment to saving while also helping build credit history.

If you are looking to get started on these loans or have any questions, you can start onlinein person, or by calling us at 800-375-3674.

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