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Which Resource One Auto Loan is Right For You?

The opportunity to buy a car is an exciting experience, no matter when it appears. Searching for a set of wheels is your chance to find a vehicle that lets you feel safe and comfortable while you get where you need to go. Unfortunately, there is still the “budget” element of the buying equation. While you may have a good-sized down payment in hand, most people cannot purchase vehicles in cash. The right auto loan with a great rate and good terms is therefore essential for securing that car that is at the top of your wish-list.

At Resource One Credit Union, a non-profit and member-owned financial institution, we love helping others secure the transportation they need with great loan terms. To make it even easier, we’ve developed a range of loan products to ensure everyone can lock in good rates that make sense for their financial plans. Which one of our auto loan options is the right one for you? Let’s explore each of them.

Is This Your Very First Time Buying a Car?

Everyone must start somewhere, right? The same is true with owning your own vehicle. Buying a car for the first time can be a daunting experience, but Resource One makes it simple and much less stressful to secure the financing you need to buy the car you want. Our special program for first-time buyers gives you some unique considerations. If you have a thin credit history — or no credit history at all — don’t worry! We aren’t like the big banks who deny your application immediately upon learning such facts. Instead, we’ll provide you with a range of flexible terms and options to help find the right loan for you. Whether you want to buy a brand-new car or start off with something used, we’ll help you find financing that makes sense.

We’ve Got a Special Deal for Recent College Grads

Graduating from college is an awesome experience. It is the culmination of a great deal of hard work and sweat, and you deserve to celebrate. Why not do so by upgrading your current vehicle or buying one to start your new career? R1CU offers a unique college grad car loan program that provides special terms to make it easier for you to hit the ground running. We require no down payment for college grad auto loans, though you are still welcome to make one if you wish. We also don’t require a co-signor — after all, you’re a fully-fledged adult and a grad to boot. We trust you. Throw in an additional $1,000 line of credit for qualifying applicants, and you’re well on your way to not only buying a car but to building good credit for the future, too.

R1CU Offers Great Deals on New and Used Loans, Too

The average car buyer does have a credit history and usually has some cash in the bank to make a down payment. Our regular auto loan programs cater to individuals like you — those who simply need to move on to their next vehicle and want to do so affordably. Our discounts for credit union members make these options even more affordable, and we process applications with speed to ensure you do not need to wait long for approval. After all, extra time spent waiting on your bank is time in which someone else might buy your preferred vehicle. Our competitive rates are open to all; enjoy a more straightforward way to secure your loan with our team.

Did You Know We Finance More Than Just Cars?

Providing financial resources for buying cars is far from all we do; if you have another vehicle in mind, you’ll be glad to know we offer the same kind of service. Our easier applications and faster approvals mean Resource One can be your go-to solution when you want to buy and finance a motorcycle, RV, or all-terrain off-roading vehicle. We even offer boat finance so you can buy the watercraft of your dreams and make it out onto the water in time to enjoy the best weather and fishing around.

Ready to Refinance? Resource One Credit Union Can Help

Do you already own a car with an existing auto loan? Did you agree to an interest rate higher than what you would have liked out of necessity? It is a common situation many people experience. As their loan ages, their credit score may improve, and there could be an opportunity to get a lower interest rate. We’ll help you save money by looking at your existing loan and credit history to put together a refinancing offer that could help you improve your interest rate significantly.

Find What You Need with Resource One Credit Union Today

Whether you’re breaking into the world of car buying for the very first time or you’re looking to refinance an existing loan to a more favorable rate, Resource One Credit Union is here to help. As a non-profit credit union, our mission is simple: create value and offer excellent services to our members. We have competitive rates on auto loans, flexible terms, and five-star customer service whenever you need assistance or have questions. Don’t just wonder what kind of car you might be able to buy — find out what loan you qualify for today. Contact R1CU or make an appointment at your local branch for assistance from a friendly car finance specialist.

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