Card Management

Puts you in control of your debit & credit cards within online & mobile banking

Manage all your cards in one place.

You can now manage all your cards through online banking or our mobile app. No more downloading a separate app to manage your cards! Look at all you can do:

  • Temporarily block your card. (You can unblock at any time.)
  • Receive alerts by location, transaction, or merchant
  • Control transactions by setting transaction limits, types of transactions, or type of merchant
  • Set up a Travel Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

The Card Management tools can be found when logging into online banking or the mobile app. Click the More tab, click on Accounts, and you will find Card Management there.

The Card Management tool is free to use in online banking and mobile app. However, your wireless provider may charge for access or data usage based on your wireless plan.

In the mobile app, you can toggle the Block switch to block the card temporarily in case you misplace it. Once the card is found, you can toggle it again to unblock it.

Set under the Control Preferences and Alert Preferences tabs.

Yes. If you are a primary on the account, you have access to that card in Card Management.

Travel notifications can now be submitted via Card Management. This allows the cardholder exclusions to be added to the card, superseding any fraud prevention rules. You no longer need to contact the credit union when you are going to travel.