Resource One Employees Participate in Pay it Forward Challenge

Resource One Employees Participate in Pay it Forward Challenge

DALLAS, TX (July 20, 2020)

Resource One employees came together during June and July to participate in a Pay it Forward Challenge. Throughout this time, employees worked to perform acts of kindness within their communities.

Employees were free to choose where they wished to donate funds, whether it be a charity, small local business, essential workers, or even someone suffering during the pandemic. Some employees worked individually while others worked together to pull funds to make more substantial donations.

“We wanted to find a way to inspire our employees to start a chain reaction of kindness in our communities. The Pay it Forward Challenge was a great way to get the conversation started and promote change in a more personal way.” stated Jennifer Grinder, Chief Experience Officer at Resource One Credit Union.

Participants in the challenge shared their personal donation stories and how their acts of kindness affected those around them.

“The first thing I did was make meals for the homeless, which I try to do every Sunday. As I passed out the food, I gave out $5 with a meal,” said Jacob Urbina, Member Experience Representative. “Most of the homeless I meet were retired from the military. It felt good to give to people that need it more than I do.”

“The Houston team donated $300 to Kids Meals Inc. This organization’s mission is to feed children under age six who don’t have access to free meal programs. Since COVID-19, they are now feeding over 7,400+ children a day, and they can only do this with the Houston community’s support through volunteering and donations,” stated Suzanne Peterson, Director of Sales and Services.

Angel Landfair, Controller, added, “The accounting team decided to pool our money together and donate to a good cause, Genesis Women Shelter, a shelter for domestic violence victims. We were able to donate $200 cash, children’s clothes, and a load of supplies and nonperishable food items. I feel so blessed that we were able to help these women out, and we will continue to do more.”

After the Pay it Forward Challenge was completed, several Resource One employees became inspired t continue to donate or volunteer in the surrounding area. CEO & President of Resource One Credit Union, Mary Beth Spuck stated, “I am so impressed by the creativity and altruism our staff has shown during this challenge. It truly warms my heart to know all the positive actions that are taking place in our communities. I look forward to seeing how our teams continue helping those around us who are struggling even after the challenge.”

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