Mobile Deposit

Wouldn’t depositing money through your phone be nice? Unfortunately, society isn’t ready to make everything digital, but we can offer an alternative. Limit your trips to the branch by depositing your checks using Mobile Deposit, found on the R1CU App. If you have the luxury of having direct deposit, those $5 birthday checks from grandma might not seem worth the trip to a branch. But let us assure you, if you follow the steps below, no matter what the amount, your check will get processed just like a typical trip to your favorite R1 location.

How to endorse the check:

  • The back of each check MUST include the words “For mobile deposit only to Resource One Credit Union”
  • The payee’s signature

A few things to note, funds will not be posted immediately, as each check has a standard waiting time to get processed. Additionally, if the check is not endorsed correctly, it will be declined.

After you have posted your deposit, now you might be wondering, “what do I do with this check?” typically, we take that pesky paper off your hands. But, since you now have it, make sure you hold on to it. File it away in a safe place for your records until it has been accepted. This way, if there are any issues, the issuer will not have to write you another check.

Download the R1 app available for iPhone and Android to start depositing your checks on the go.

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