Get eAlerts with Resource One Credit Union!

There are so many benefits to being a member of Resource One Credit Union. At the top of that list are eAlerts, which allow you to be in full control of all your accounts. eAlerts allow you to monitor your account 24/7 by creating customized text and/or email alerts. You can set up eAlerts to send you your account balances, remind you about loan payment due dates, alert you when deposits are made, and so much more!

Signing up for eAlerts gives you the information you need to monitor your account for suspicious activity, know when deposits have cleared, and see when funds have been withdrawn or when your account has reached certain limits.

Here are some more things eAlerts can help you stay on top of:

Account balance

eAlerts can notify you when your account is low or when you have access to funds that you may want to move to a higher-yield investment, such as a Money Market or Certificate Account.

CD maturity

This message lets you know when your Certificate Account is close to maturing. You can decide to renew the account, change the term or choose a different option.


Get an eAlert when your payroll or other expected deposit has been made to your account.

Loan payment due

eAlerts can remind you to make your loan payment.

Periodic balance

Get regular notifications about your account balance with eAlerts.

Periodic reminder

Want to remember something? Put it in a custom text message, and eAlerts will send it to you whenever you choose.


eAlerts will let you know when an ATM withdrawal is made, a VISA® purchase clears your account or when other activities are occurring.


eAlerts will notify you when a withdrawal is made from your account.

Setting up eAlerts is simple and fast. Start by logging into your online banking account. Click Self Service, then click Member Center. Click on the Contact Manager tab to add your email and/or phone number, then click on the Alert Manager tab to choose what alerts you want, and how you want to receive them.

If you have questions about eAlerts, please feel free to reach out to us at Resource One by calling 1-800-375-3674.

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