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Are you still doing banking the old-fashioned way? By that, we mean your primary form of payment is still paper checks, or do you visit in person to make account transfers or apply for loans. While there is nothing wrong with handling your finances in a way that’s most comfortable for you, we offer several ways to handle your next visit from the comfort of your home.

Let’s be honest; calling in or visiting a location can sometimes be time-consuming. If you are in a rush, many of our services can be taken care of digitally with some help from your smartphone. Below we have some examples of how you can streamline your business with R1.

Apply for membership or loans 

This service is available online 24/7! You can start the loan or membership process on your own time and complete the application without visiting a location. We even offer digital document signing, which can be done from your computer or smart device.

Reach out to a live representative 

If you find yourself struggling to navigate a document or have questions that need clarification, we have teams ready virtually! You can send us a chat or start a video call to discuss anything R1 while avoiding driving to our locations.

Mobile deposit  

Deposit your checks with a camera snap within mobile banking.

Account questions 

Need to know your account balance, if a charge has cleared, or even when your auto loan payment is due? Log in to online or mobile banking to see that info in just a few simple clicks.

Transfers and payments 

Did you know you could move money from checking, savings, or even a loan when needed? All you need to do is login to online or mobile banking and locate the Transfers button to get started. If you need to move money to another financial institution, you can set up a payment transfer within Bill Pay.

For the foreseeable future, handheld technology and apps won’t deposit or withdraw cash. However, until then, R1 will continue to update and enhance technology to make your banking needs simpler, faster, and more convenient.

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