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While many big-name banks like to hide their fees, we believe in having our fees completely out in the open, in plain sight. The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.

Description Fee
Service fees as of
Account activity printout/draft copy $3 per page
Account balancing assistance/research $30 per hour ($10 minimum)
Account levy $75 each
Account closed within first 180 days $25
ATM withdrawal
Outside of network
Below par after six months of inactivity
For each month a share (primary basic savings) account is below $25 par value and no additional accounts with R1
Check cashing
When average balance is less than $500 and no additional accounts with R1. Fee is waived for the first 6 months of a membership.
3% of check amount
Check cashing (non-members)
Fee is charged when a non-member presents a check drawn off of Resource One account and they do not have a membership.
3% of check amount
Check printing Varies by style of check
Check by phone $7.50 each
Coin counting machine 3% of total coin amount counted
Collection draft (domestic) $10 each
Collection draft (foreign) $30 each
Corporate check (payable to 3rd parties) $5 each
Excessive withdrawal
Applies to savings & money market accounts that exceed limitations. See Truth in Savings Disclosure for details.
$3 each after 6 withdrawals
Gift cards
Sold in any amount between $10-$500
$3.95 each
Inactive account
Accounts with total balances less than $250 and no activity within the last 3 months
Late payment
If payment is not received within 10 days of due date
5% of payment amount
Money Market check fee $10 each after 3 checks per month
Money order $3 each
Non sufficient funds
ATM, check card, debit card purchases, drafts, pre-authorization withdrawal
$30 each
Open transfers FREE Standard Delivery (2-3 business days)
$20 Premium Delivery (next business day)
Overdraft paid
ATM, check card, debit card purchases, drafts, pre-authorization withdrawal
$30 each
Paper statement fee $3 per mailed statement
Replace lost check card $7.50 each
Return deposit item $30 each
Skip-a-Payment on loan $40 each
Special statement handling/warehousing $5
Statement copy $3 each
Stop payment ACH or draft $30 each
Temporary checks $1 each page (4 checks)
Transfer to cover overdraft $3 each
Undeliverable mail
Returned mail/Bad address
Western Union $15 each
Wire transfer (domestic outgoing) $20 each