Bill Pay Upgrade

Our bill pay system will be upgraded to provide you with better services.


With our new processing system, there are some changes that will affect the products and services we provide to you. We want you to be aware of these changes and ask that you read this email carefully to help ensure the transition to our new system causes you as little disruption as possible.


Bill Pay services will not be available during the upgrade.


During the upgrade from our current Bill Pay System to CheckFree there are some important dates that may effect your payment processing schedule.

July 18th Please make any changes to scheduled payments or submit new payments by 11 PM (CDT) on July 18th. Any payments updated or added after this time will not process.
July 19th & 20th Access to our current Bill Pay System will not be available. You will not be able to submit any new payments during these days. Scheduled or recurring payments that were already setup will process during this time. Any changes to scheduled payments or new payments should be submitted by 11 PM (CDT) on July 18th.
July 21st Our new bill pay system, CheckFree, will be be available for you to use as normal on July 21st.


No action is required for you to continue to use Bill Pay after the upgrade. All of your current bills, pending payments, payees, payment history, eBills, and recurring payment schedules remain unchanged.


Bill Pay ExampleWith CheckFree bill pay you will now have:

  • Larger electronic payee network so more of your payments are sent electronically
  • Largest e-Bill network connecting you to your billers
  • Request Money with PopMoney, send money to a friend, business or charity
  • More ways to send money same-day or overnight

Greater Simplicity

You can use the new bill pay system to:

  • Pay bills in one location to save you time, money, and hassle with multiple payment locations.
  • Review your payments made online.
  • View electronic version of some of your paper bills.

Easier Navigation

Bill pay navigation will be more intuitive and the overall experience more enjoyable.

More Control

You can keep your funds in your account until your due date. You can also pay some payees the same day the bill is due.


We will be introducing a new feature Popmoney® personal payment service with the Bill Pay upgrade. So you can send money directly to just about anyone, with no need to write a check, exchange account numbers or carry cash.

It’s similar to PayPal, where you can send money using just an email address. But PopMoney® has the added convenience of being right inside your password-protected Online Banking account.


Popmoney® will be available for you to use on July 21st and will be accessible by clicking on Bill Pay Center and the Popmoney®  tab.


Popmoney® is easy to use and the money you send can be deposited directly into the account the recipient chooses. Here is how to send a person to person payment using Popmoney®.

  • Enter the recipient’s name, email address and/or cell phone number, and the dollar amount.
  • An email or text message will automatically notify the recipient.
  • The recipient securely enters an account number online.

To start using Popmoney®:

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Go to Bill Pay Center
  • Click on the Popmoney tab



With the Bill Pay system upgrade we will be updating Remote Transfers. With this feature you can transfer money from your Resource One account to another financial institution’s account.


Remote Transfers will be available for you to use on July 21st and will be accessible by clicking on Bill Pay Center and the Transfer Money tab.


Remote Transfers are easy to use and the money you transfer will be deposited directly into your other financial institution’s account. Here is how to transfer funds using Remote Transfers.

  • Select the from account.
  • Select the to account
  • Enter the amount of money and date to transfer.

To start using Remote Transfers:

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Go to Bill Pay Center
  • Click on the Transfer Money tab
  • You will need to add your remote accounts by filling in the required information and verifying two test deposits that will be processed to your remote account
  • Once you receive the two test deposits enter the amounts on the Transfer Money tab


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